Hot dogs      8.50
Portion of fries      7.50
Wienerli (1 pair) with bread & mustard    8.50
Sandwich Ham/salami/cheese        7.50
Schnitzel bread (pork)      13.00
Fried fish sandwich         13.00
Vegetable schnitzel sandwich          9.50

Pinsa from 4 p.m. Ham/salami/surprise       16.50
cold plate for 1 person     18.50


small green salad     8.50
small mixed salad   10.50
Tomato buffalo mozzarella salad     15.50
Salad bowl for 2    15.00
Salad plate with seasonal variety   16.50
Sausage cheese salad garnished      17.50

Zander crispy natural with tartare sauce    16.50
Zander crispy with tartare sauce, fries or salad    23.50
Black Tiger prawns with sweet & sour sauce, fries or salad      25.00


Crispy chicken with curry sauce, fries or salad     20.50
Chicken satay skewers with peanut sauce, fries or salad     21.50

Schitzel Viennese style pork fries or salad         22.50

From the grill

Veal bratwurst with mustard & bread     10.00
Veal bratwurst with French fries    18.50
Currywurst with bread       11.00
Pork steak “Farmer” with herb butter, fries or salad    25.00
Beef fillet 250g with fries & salad, 3 different sauces & herb butter       48.00


Hamburger   10.00
Hamburger (cocktail sauce) fries or salad   17.00
Lido Burger (burger meat with cheese, spicy sauce)          12.00
Lido Burger (burger meat with cheese, spicy sauce) fries or salad   19.00
Wild Burger with natural cranberries        15.00
Wild Burger with cranberries, fries or salad        22.50


Vegetable schnitzel, fries or salad         19.50
Vegetarian burger with spicy sauce and dark brown bread roll        11.00
Vegetarian burger with spicy sauce and dark bread roll, fries or salad      18.00

Children's menus

Wienerli Sausage  with French fries (1 piece)                                                                                       8.50
Chicken crispy with French fries    11.00
Schnipo (pork)      11.00
Fish Sticks crispy with French fries        9.00